Do it Absolutely!

Absolute, founded in the year 2000 as a logistics solutions provider,  has diversified to quietly usher in a charming new era of responsible corporate service & solutions, striking contemporary design and comfortable living. 

Our 500 strong team delivers unmatched expertise to provide customised solutions in hospitality, housing, prefabricated containers and logistics..

Absolute Hotels

Absolute Abodes - a Joint Initiative of Ramaniyam Real Estates and Absolute Homes. Our aim to provide the business traveller with their home away from home. With our first property, a purpose-driven hotel functionally located in Kakavakkam skirting the glamor metro of Chennai, things just got simpler for you.

Locally flavored, sensitive to your European tastes and aesthetically pleasing this simple building with its subtly sophisticated 100+ rooms couldn’t cuddle you better. Get in after that long day out.

Absolute Serviced Apartments / Corporate Residences

We wanted relationships. And we built Absolute Homes. Technically called corporate residences it goes beyond plush living and impeccable service. It goes beyond these words scattered here

It lives with you, grows with you; and steps out with you as you leave it behind, absolutely. Our comfortable abodes are strategically located in Alwarpet, Boat Club, Kotturpuram, Santhome, Chamiers Road, OMR at rates that surprise you!

Absolute Prefabricated Solutions

Our prefab Serviced Containers revolutionarize outdoor spaces.

Giving a holistic and pragmatic approach to your living environment, these purpose-built structures from highly sustainable material provide convenient, sensible and elegant living spaces near your work places. Our customized design and sober functional interiors along with uninterrupted on-site assembly make prefab serviced homes a viable and desirable option for Projects coming up in not so accessible locations.

Absolute Logistics

Our time-proven logistics services touch upon the fields of Yard Management, Production Support and Finished Vehicle Handling. Effective and unmatched personalised service delivered in a strikingly time-bound manner along with safe, intelligent, customised operational solutions are our forte.

Our decade-long association with Ford India Private Limited (FIPL) in handling the storage, inventory, and finished vehicle products distribution has garnered us an evolving global footprint. Incidentally ours is the first company in India to obtain ISO 9001-2000 certification and qualify for ISO 9001-2008 (from DNV) in Quality Management Systems for Yard Management for Finished Vehicles.